15 November 2008

Genesis 1

source: http://nasb.scripturetext.com/genesis/1.htm

The scientific accuracy of the bible's description of the formation of the universe has been highly debated mostly between Darwinism followers and Creationists. When we examine the arguments, we need to beware of the tactics which is used to mask the real issue at hand. This site has three videos listing 25 common argument tactics used by many Creationists. Critical thinkers should apply the same tests to arguments advanced by Darwinism followers.

It is now commonly agreed in the Scientific community that our Universe is about 15 billion years ago and that time scale is very long compared to our human time scale. It will be extremely unlikely that we can ever understand the formation of the universe - but we (human) have done a great job of coming to an estimate.

If there were a god (remember I am an atheist), it will be quite remarkable to think of the god who created the universe 15 billion years ago will be interested in the daily activities of each and every member of a special species (Homo sapiens) in the animal kingdom who has only existed in the last 2.5 million years. Question: what has he been doing for the past 15 billion years?

(I am assuming that the god is male, which I have no idea whether it is true of not although the bible text cited about does use a singular male third person pronoun for him.)

In particular, the god announced this interest only about 2600 years ago through Moses (the author of Gneesis). Again why that late (compared to the 2.5 million years of existence of Homo sapiens).

Humans are members of the genus Homo click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced. Modern people are Homo sapiens click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced. However, we are not the only species of humans who have ever lived. There were earlier species of our genus that are now extinct. In the past, it was incorrectly assumed that human evolution was a relatively straight forward sequence of one species evolving into another. We now understand that there were times when several species of humans and even other hominins were alive. This complex pattern of evolution emerging from the fossil record has been aptly described as a luxuriantly branching bush on which all but one twig has died off. Modern humans are that last living twig. [source: http://anthro.palomar.edu/homo/homo_1.htm at the time of writing]

Since today's human is not the only species of the genus Homo, the text which is very much Earth and homo sapiens centric (especially verse 26 to 30 which explicitly grants ruling power to human) only enforces me to think that Genesis is a creation of a human being and hence the god described in Genesis is also a human creation. Modern moral and scientific theories have advanced to the stage that ALL creatures, be it as small as a virus to as complex as a human, are part of a mutually dependable eco-system. Believing that one species has higher "right" or "importance" over other is certainly counter-constructive in our well being.

Treating Genesis 1 as true IS WRONG morally and factually.

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