29 March 2010

Christian story in a paragraph

Christian believe that their petty god, set the human up in the Eden garden with fruit in the middle of the garden. Being all knowing, this nasty god let a talking snake tempted Eve to eat the fruit and then blamed human for being disobedient while giving human free will. After he got the human out of the Eden garden, he continued to harass human. He is nosy on every tiny tiny bits of human thoughts. He could not just forgive the human's sin. He took all the trouble of sending himself, as his own son, born of a virgin to earth. Got himself tortured and died on a horrible torture instrument as a sacrifice for himself. This god/son/human then came back from death and raised to heaven, which was when bible was written above, but because we know now that earth is spherical, some believe into the outer space. This nasty god also bully our fellow human to believing in him, else threaten to send us to an eternal fire.

This unfair, blood-thirsty, unjust bully, luckily does not exist.

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