27 March 2010

Christian god's bully

From a participant of a forum on Amazon:
This also my primary complaint against Christianity: the tactic being used is one of bullying. It is the "You are for me or against me" type of argument. What about the "I don't care what you do, leave me out of it" argument. If a person wants to go to heaven, great; go to hell, no problem; but I want neither. And I really, REALLY, do not want some cosmic bully punishing me for the crime of not kissing his butt!!

Totally agree. The christian god is petty and nasty. They say god gives us free will. Before the end of the sentence, they then say, you must belief in their bullshit, else you will be in eternal fire. Where is the promised free will?

The amount of irrationality exhibited by the religious right is jaw-dropping. Especially in relation to USA. She is a country capable to send men onto Moon and back safely. Yet, the science literacy level is so so low in the general public. If she was not a country with so many weapons of mass destruction, if she was not the largest economy and creating the huge amount of pollution, I really do not give it a shit and just be happy to leave her die alone from stupidity. We, all, live on this single planet and we are mutually dependent. How can we get some sanity back to the USA public?

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