15 December 2009

Why there is so much intellectual dishonesty from the religious?

The header of Ray Comfort's (aka the Banana Man) Atheist Central is a quote from Einstein. When challenged, he responded:
Notice that although Einstein didn’t believe in a personal God (as revealed in the Bible), he wanted to know "His" thoughts, referred to God as "He," acknowledged that He reveals "Himself," asks how God "created this world," and refers to "His" thoughts. In other words, it is clear that he wasn’t a pantheist (that God and nature are one in the same--see his below quote: "I'm not an atheist and I don't think I can call myself a pantheist."): [source]

Now, the christian god is a personal god. That's a fact.
Einstein, as quoted, said he did not believe in a personal god. I.E. He is NOT a christian.

Comfort is either unable to think logically or deliberately deceptive.

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