07 December 2009


Common Sense Atheism quotes The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom by Roberty Morey:
Militancy is the difference between [historical atheism] and the modern movement of “anti-theism.” The atheists of the old school… felt that if people were foolish enough to believe in religion, that was their problem…

In today's political climate, USA in particular, religious lobbies are blocking many actions which atheists consider as progress, such as abortion, stem cell research, gay marriages... I believe that is one of the reason atheism can no longer leave the religious alone.

Story has it that if you put a frog in water and slowly start heating up the water, by the time the frog realised that it was too hot, it would be too late to escape. We are in EXACTLY the same situation as the frog in the climate change issue. While we may still have time to rescue ourselves, the religious right is blocking the way in every step. There is no god who created the universe for human. Although human is the dominant species on earth to day, many of our close relative species are now extinct. [source] Nature will go on with or without us. I just wish the religious can leave the scientists alone to do their research and the governments of the world can listen to the best science and do whatever it takes to let us out of the hot!

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