28 December 2009

Does god exist?

Q. Does god exist??
A. No until proven otherwise. "God" as a concept exists. We can imagine a god, but that does not make god real. Just like we can think of a pink unicorn.

Q. Does atheist have the burden of proof of the non-existence of god?
A. No. Any one can imagine some odd creatures and claims their existence. No one will be able to proof the non-existence of such creatures. Similarly, since theists assert there is a god, it is their burden to proof god's existence. Until proven, god does not exist.

Q. A lot of people believe in god, does it show that god exist?
A. No. Truth is not a popularity contest. A lot of people can be wrong. Just like people used to believe the earth is flat. We now know that it is not. The "common sense" changes as evidence progresses to demonstrate the real truth. "Common sense" is just the perception of most people. This is not a reason to assert the truth of the ideas. There are many different religions all claiming their is the true god. They cannot be ALL correct, but they can be all wrong.

Q. This world is filled with lives of complexity and wow. Where do they come from? Does it show that god created them?
A. No. We do not yet know how life is formed. The correct answer is "we do not yet know". A "do not know" answer does not imply "god created it". A "do not know" answer is an honest answer. "God created it" is an arrogant and naive conjecture with no logical base.

Q. A lot of smart and intelligent people believe in god, does it show that god exist?
A. No, these people are not smart and intelligent enough.

Q. Some people claim that they have been touched/felt/enjoyed/...[choice your own word] by god. Why do we not believe them?
A. Witness evidence have been proven to be laden with pre-conception and error. Some are claiming that with selfish reasons. If god exists, there should be repeatable, demonstrable evidence of its existence. Again, show the miracle. Words worth nothing in front of evidence.

Q. Life is coded in DNA. Does it not demonstrate god has created life using DNA as its language?
A. How DNA started is not understood yet. The honest answer, again, is "we do not know". There is no logical linkage between "do not know" with "god creation".

Q. How does the universe begin? Does it not demonstrate god created the universe?
A. Just like the origin of DNA, the honest and correct answer "we do not yet know". Science has formulated the best understanding we have about the origin of universe, that's the big bang theory. Science does not say anything about the universe before the big bang. Banana man claims that scientists believe nothing created everything. That's a misrepresentation. He is completely mistaken. The equivalent is 'nothing created god'.

Q. God existence is proved by the scripture, isn't it?
A. No. The bibles are just a compilation of a number of books written by some men about 2000 years ago. It does not prove anything. I can write a book about a god I created. My book is not the prove of the existence of my god. It may describe a god. Such a description does not make god real.

Q. The bible contains a lot of historical facts. Does it not make it a credible source of proving god's existence?
A. No. The bible also contains a lot of claims which have been proven wrong. Each claim should be evaluated by its own merits. There is no logical relationship among the truth of different claims within the same work. I can write a book about a god with some known historian facts mixed it. The truth of those historian facts does not make my description of my god real. It is still a work of fiction.

Q. Religion is the source of human moral. Without god, we have no moral. Since we have moral, it shows that god exists.
A. The statement "Religion is the source of human moral" is false. The falsehood is demonstrated by the existence of similar moral values by cultures with and without god. Since the first statement is false, any conclusion that follows does not have a logical foundation to base on.

Q. God answers prayer. Does that a prove of god's existence?
A. Yes only if god has answered prayers with an occurrence better than by pure chance. There is no such evidence yet.

Q. How can you make me believe in your god?
A. Show me the evidence of the existence of your god. Until then, your god does not exist and I do not believe in whatever that follows from the assumption of god's existence. That is all your religious BS is just BS to me.

Q. Why am I hostile against religion?
A. First of all, I have very low tolerance of stupidity. I am a teacher by trade. I like to see you able to reason. That is, I like to teach you to be slightly less stupid. Second, just like you would stop a crime (e.g. you see some one stealing from another, you would yell thief to stop the crime from happening), I am yelling to stop the organised criminals.

Q. Why I equate religion to criminals?
A. Religion is spreading unsupported claims. It is guilty of misinformation. It is also giving false hope to people. It is also a parasite to the society - it does not pay tax! Religion is hindering human progress - in both realms of morality and scientific progress.

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