01 April 2009

Why the creator has to be good?

In Can a Robot be Human?: 33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles , Peter Cave asks Why believe there is an all-powerful, all-good God rather than an all-powerful, all-bad Devil?.
Many people believe that God exists. They often rely on scriptures and religious teachers but some look for evidence and believe it is found in certain features of the world around them. My suggestion of Devil is a way of challenging the inference from worldly features to an all-good God. Introducing Devil should also remind us that the choice is not simply between a God with benevolence and no God. Those who believe in an all-powerful figure that created and designed the universe need to explain why they are convinced he is all good rather than all bad -- or, indeed,something in between. Is it not most likely that there are at least two distinct and powerful powers,one evil and one good? Zoroastrianism is typically taken as proclaiming such a duality. Is it the only sensible religion? Paradoxically, that could explain why hardly anyone believes in it. Mind you,maybe that is no paradox at all. After all, do faith and good sense readily combine?

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