05 April 2009

Experience Counts or Not?

While I have written posts arguing that Experience *alone* is a poor teacher, when you have some questions needing answers, would you prefer to seek help from someone with no experience in the situation?

Example: do you want a surgeon who has never perform an opened heart operation to open your heart?

When dealing with sex hetero/homo, marriages and divorce, family planning issues such as contraception and abortion, saving lives such as the use of condom to prevent AIDS, how a priest, who claims to have no sex, can say anything on these subjects. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the most consistent themes running throughout John Paul II's papacy. He is totally ignorance about his lack of real world knowledge, e.g. condom use in Africa will save million of lives.

Another side note - a lot of sexual abuses have happened in the past in churches all over the world. Is this a reflection of the result of the lack of proper sexual outlets of the priests?

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