13 April 2009

Bad thing done by the church

I have a tag "bad things done in the name of religion". I thought it would be enough. However in tonight's 730 report of the Australia ABC, there is a story about how the church took a piece of high land in a flood-prone aboriginals small town, compete with a local shop which obliged to support ALL necessary basic living items while the church's shop cherry pick goods to sell without paying any tax. The church also runs the only petrol station and accommodation in the town. When I went to check out the details from ABC website, the information is not yet available. I will update this post once the more info is posted by ABC

Prompted by the story, I have also done some searches. Here is a story from The Observer on Sunday 17 August 2003 about how the church systemically protect the priests who committed sex abuse to young children. Priests committing such crime is not news anymore. The greatest shock to me was the discovery of a Vatican document dating back to 1962 instructing bishops to cover up the sex abuse.

We may blame people committing crime in the name of religion as wrongly interpreting the bible. Bad things done by the church is no excuse at all.

Update: please see this post.

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