21 November 2009

A really inconvenient truth

For those who still hide their heads in the sand disowning the mess we human has created, please, PLEASE, go to FORA.tv and watch this slightly over 1 hour program.
Humans respond best to threats that are immediate, visible, simple, personal, have historical precedent, and are caused by another “tribe” (think Al-Qaeda). Unfortunately, climate change, has none of these characteristics and this may partially explain why so little is being done to address the biggest threat mankind has ever faced.

For those religious who still think the world is only 6000+ years old and believe in creation science, please keep out of the debate of climate change and let those who really know do the work to save us and our children. There are over 4 billion people who do not believe in the end of world would like to live on and preserve the civilisation as we know it.

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