25 November 2009

Just a Little Embarrassing...

Yes, it is embarrassing. How can the most technically advanced country like USA habour scientific illiteracy like this?

I have no issue with the second line, "Let me grow up and choose for myself". That's exactly what we should be doing. Do NOT indoctrinate young minds with stupid ideas.

Evolution is one of the most elegant scientific theory supported by tons of evidence. I am a biology layman, but I still understand how evolution theory can be used to "predict". Even Francis Collins admits in his book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief wrote:
No serious biologist today doubts the theory of evolution to explain the marvelous complexity and diversity of life. In fact, the relatedness of all species through the mechanism of evolution is such a profound foundation for the understanding of all biology that it is difficult to image how one would study life without it. (p. 90)

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