28 August 2009


"If someone was to tell me that last week he died, and I'd read about it in the papers and actually seen him dead, and I was surprised to see him again in the street, I wouldn't be that impressed. It wouldn't prove anything about the truth of his doctrines. It would not prove he was the son of God or entitle him to forgive me my sins." - Christopher Hitchens

Agree with Hitchens that "truth of his doctrines", "son of god", "ability to forgive my sins" and came back from dead are four different things. Even if one of them is true, it does not imply the others would be true.

If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse. - Woody Allen

Where has god been lately? God may have given up on men and therefore not going to appear again. Last time, s/he just sent a son (according to rumour). What next? An angel?

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