02 August 2009

Heaven is Earth

Ray Comfort sometimes pretends that he knows Science and constantly writes about how evolution is flawed. Accompanying his recent description of heaven is a waterfall scenery. As I have written before, heaven is hotter than hell and it is at 525 degrees Celcius. See here.

The description of "pleasure" in heaven was the creation of primitive men who knew nothing about things too far or too small to see. These pleasure include sex (with whom? or just randomly anyone? where love fits here?), lost of memory of the past, no pain, no tears, no diseases, no suffering, death and no futility. That's why you can have sex!

The way I think about this is quite different. I am already in Heaven. A world much better than those primitive men who wrote the bible would have imagined. While there are still incurable illness, occasional pain, tears and loss, we are living in a world which is so much more stimulating mentally (we can read almost everything ever written anywhere - thanks to the explosion of information technology), less demanding in labour for providing food and a generally civilised accompany of fellow human. Of course there is ground of improvement. If the religious can keep their mouths shut and let the scientists continue their work, the improvement will come earlier.

As the conscious species of this planet, we are the lucky one. We are on the lucky branch of the evolution tree. When I die, I am happy to return to nothingness.

Let enjoy this moment rather than wish for a life in a non-existent heaven.

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