28 June 2009

Life and Death

I come without consciousness. I grew up from an innocent, depending baby into an adult, have a child and then I will die. When I die, my consciousness goes at the same time, like falling to sleep, but just never waking up again.

I don't believe in after life, nor rebirth, nor a possible future woken up by god and then to be judged on what I have done in this life.

I don't buy into the stupid voluntary slavery a man-made god may try to force on me. But that does not mean that I am not responsible for my life and I act anti-socially. Human are social animals. I live in a society which is based on mutual respect among its members and the trust each and everyone of us expects on others. I appreciate the millions of evolution steps before me that make me what I am today. I know I am the luck one. This is the only life I have and I appreciate being intelligent enough to communicate and enjoy the great ease of life provided by modern science. But I am just one of the many many steps in a process which goes on and on.

I hope I have leave a mark, I hope I have changed someone's life for the better and I hope I will die knowing that I have not wasted this great luck.

Since our birth, the many atoms that make up my body have been constantly changing. This cluster of atoms will just part and join another clusters on the day I die.

- reflection on the news of the death of Michael Jackson

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