01 June 2009

Am I angry at god?

Am I angry at god? No.

But I am angry at those who intentionally perpetuate the existence of god. If god really existed, I would have no problem at all. As there is no credible proof of the existence of any god, those insisting that there were a god are irrational, irresponsible and against humanity. I condemn these people and I am angry at the tactics they use to spread the "god-idea".

Those who claim that atheists are angry at god should think carefully in the words they use. Atheists are those who do not believe there is a god, at least they have not seen any evidence of a god. So atheists cannot angry at god. There is no god to angry at!

I cannot speak for other atheists, but I can speak for myself. I can tell you to whom I am angry at, those who tell lie as a matter of fact.

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