04 December 2012

Pope Benedict XVI Tightens Church Control Over Catholic Charities

As I have noted before, Catholic charities are their marketing department.

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Bishops must exercise closer supervision over Catholic charities and ensure that their activities do not contradict church doctrine, according to new rules issued by Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday (Dec. 1).

The new guidelines state that charities with links to the church must "follow Catholic principles in their activity" and may not "accept commitments" that could undermine those principles in any way.

They also bar charities from accepting funding "from groups or institutions that pursue ends contrary to the church's teaching" or for initiatives that are "not in conformity with the Church's teaching."


Some bishops say Catholic charities shouldn't accept money from groups like the Gates Foundation. According to Snyder, the effect of the new rules in such cases "will depend greatly on the individual bishop's interpretation." [source]

In this case, they should not accept tax exempt status from secular governments such as USA and Australia.

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