11 June 2011

Is Fulfilled Prophecy of Value for Scholarly Apologetics?

What a piece of shit, from an Associate Professor of Biola University!

It is good to see the idea of a Creator, especially a biblical one, regaining intellectual credibility in these parts of our secular world.

No, modern cosmology does not require a creator. The big bang is simply a singularity, a point beyond which we have no idea. What has caused this singular to happen is something we do not know. For questions which we do not have an answer, the honest and honourable answer is to simply acknowledge that "we do not know". Substitute an unknown with god does not intellectually lead us any where, nor is it a correct answer. As an Associate Professor, the failure to see such a simple logical flaw is appalling.

Even if there were a creator, there is still a huge gap in linking the creator to the biblical monster described in the Old Testaments.

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