26 February 2011


As far as why atheists are here, I can speak for myself, and guess at the others. We are annoyed at the 2000 year take-over of society by the Christian myth. If it were a matter of pure belief that was kept to oneself that would be fine (except for the pity that would be wasted on such persons to little avail.) But it is more than that: demands for financing by tithes, donations, profit making ventures that pay no taxes, churches that demand community support (e.g. firefighters, police) but do not contribute, irritating graffiti and propaganda (e.g. "In God We Trust" on money), congressional prayers, prayer of any kind (e.g. clearly idiotic prayers at school games; priests and ministers nosing around hospitals); Gideon bibles in hotel, motel, cruise ship rooms, and hospitals, church bells ringing in annoyance; religious wars, the utter waste of putting everything aside to pray 5 times a day in Muslim countries (and we support them with foreign aid, no doubt); the pernicious effect of constant propaganda against atheists to the extent that they are unelectable to public office almost officially shunned and marginalized; the stupid request of the military that one's denomination and/or religion be imprinted on dog-tags and other records, the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places, faith based government programs (40 billion of taxpayers' money at my last viewing), the anti-abortion war; the anti-evolution war, the anti-science war, the denigration of family planning and contraception (officially defunded by the moronic theist George W Bush) and a whole lot more that I have not consolidated into a complete file. [source]

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