24 December 2010

Give to the poor

Let us not be delusional. We, who live in the affluent world, do not go hungry NOT because we work harder than those in area of famine. We are born into countries where living standards are higher, food are plentiful, education is available and affordable and most important of all, children and women do not need to be care in order not to step on land mines. They do not need to walk miles just to bring water back to home.

Yes, unavoidably, there are people, in the rich countries, who abuse our good will and empathy. However, this is not an excuse for those who made millions for asking the government to reduce the tax rate. There is no inherent special ability of these million-dollar earners that makes them worthy of that high income. It is only a combination of good fortune and circumstances. Take a look at the USA tax rate history [source].

In 1950's and 1960's, the tax rate over US$400,000 was at 91%. For those wealthy Americans, your country needs more tax to reduce its debts. You have made your money because you are lucky to be in USA and there is an obligation for you to help your fellow citizens who are not as lucky as you are.

In the season of gathering, while we are in the company of our loved ones, please help those in need. I help by loaning via Kiva.org. So can you. So far, I have made 20 loans, and you?

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