05 November 2010

Is life fair?

The short answer is no. Life is not fair. It has never been and will never be.

Some are born rich, but many into poverty and war.
Some are born smart, but many suffer insurmountable birth defects with intellectually or physically disability.
Some are born with loving parents, extended family support, but many don't know their mothers or fathers.

Can religion explain why life is unfair? Believing that there is in a fair and just god is just digging your head in the sand. Look around, beyond your immediate neighbour. Google world hunger, poverty. Look at those pictures taken during wars. Are you kidding me that a fair and just god will allow these suffering to occur to a baby? What has she done wrong to deserve this? Oh, god has a plan. Damn god then. That is a very bad plan and totally unfair and unjust. Don't tell me I have not thought through this. I have and my conclusion is that believing in a god has diminished your own moral stance. Let do something for goodness sake. We can all offer some help to our fellow human, fellow animals and all living. Peace.

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