06 July 2009

[ScSS] Newton's Laws have been disproved

It has sometimes been used by un-informed theists that Scientific laws are "unstable", constantly being challenged and/or changed as Science progresses.

Let me use an example to correct this misconception.

Yes, new findings may dispute previous established Scientific theory. However, a complete overturn of any established theory is very rare. It was great news when Einstein disproved Newton's established laws of motion. Do we still use Newton's laws of motion? Absolutely yes. The main discovery by Einstein is that when objects are moving near the speed of light, its observed mass will increase. Hence additional energy given to the object will not have that manifested effect on its velocity if its mass were not changed.

In our everyday life, we seldom encounter object moving at speed of light and yet we need to calculate its speed (or velocity). At human speed, Einstein's revised laws of motion is ALMOST the same as Newton's laws. For any practical purposes, we can regard the result derived from Newton's law accurate enough.

While I have very limited knowledge in Biology and evolution in particular, I am quite certain that when a biologist claims to have discovered some new theory related to evolution, s/he will be most likely filling in one or more of the missing pieces of the evolution theory. I cannot foresee a discovery which will completely overturn the theory of evolution in any near future.

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